I had the pleasure to run across the above sun painting in a facebook group I am a member of.  This very colorful painting caught my eye and immediately pulled me in.

Then I read the story about the artist.  It turns out that the artist is a 15 year old beautiful girl with lovely red hair named Candy Waters.  I love that name.  Candy’s mother Sandy Waters shared this wonderful painting and also stated that her daughter Candy has autism and is nonverbal.  I was blown away!

I talked to Candy’s mom Sandy and she told me about Candy and her amazing art which was a fascinating story.  Candy started talking and pointing but lost it all at three years old.  When Candy was diagnosed with severe autism at three years old doctors told Candy’s parents that she would need life long care.  This was devastating for them.  Back then if someone told Robert & Sandy that Candy would be a famous artist one day they would of thought that they were crazy


When Candy was six years old the Executive Director of a School for Autism in Chicago asked Candy’s parents if Candy could paint a picture for a fundraising event they were organizing for the school.  Candy’s parents answered that we were not sure if Candy could paint.  Sandy said “We never tried painting with Candy and autism did effect her fine motor skills but we thought we would try anyway.”  To their amazement Candy started to paint and she became happy. She created something that looked like a sun.

Fast forwarding to summer of 2013 Candy’s “Mr. Sun” painting was selected to be on the cover of The University of California, Irvine (UIC) Magazine Summer Issue.  After Candy’s painting was on the cover of the UIC magazine her art career took off.

Candy Painting on the cover of UC Irvine Magazine

Since then Candy’s art has been featured on CBS Sunday Morning Show.

Sandy (Candy Mom) has also shared with me some very exciting news about Candy’s art. Candy will have an Art Book published that will be released very soon and available wherever books are sold titled “Unspoken Gift: Candy Waters Autism Artist”.  Actor Joe Mantegna named Candy’s new art book.  Joe Mantegna gave the Waters this quote below for Candy’s art book.  They liked it so much they named Candy’s art book after it.

“Candy Waters art book is yet another example of the talent that lies within the untapped minds of those who live with autism.  Candy’s art is her unspoken gift to all of us.”
~Actor Joe Mantegna 
Unspoken Gift

On a personal note I would like to say that I am thoroughly impressed by this extraordinary young lady named Candy Waters and I will be purchasing a copy of her art book.  I recommend that everyone else do the same.  Candy’s art is stunning!  If any of my readers would like to find out more about this great artist please visit her facebook Like Page.  Candy has 101,000+ Likes from around the world.  Here is the link.



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